Jennifer Bochenek, Joseph Larson, Shibo Yao, and Yifan Yang

Utilizing data from a Kaggle competition (Natural Language Processing with Disaster Tweets), our team used the BERT model to predict if the tweets contained real or non-real disasters.

Think of the difference between real and non-real disasters as ‘house fire on Main st, family of three dead’ compared to ‘its nice to have my family gathered round the fire’, or ‘Gas explosion causes thousands in damage, no injuries’ compared to ‘Don’t miss out on the Bitcoin explosion!’ …

Row houses in Oella, MD retrieved from Wikipedia Commons

Housing is essential, but not guaranteed. This has never been more obvious than since the start of the COVID-19 lockdowns stranded Americans from their jobs, and thus their incomes. Without income, paying for routine and necessary bills such as food and housing can become a struggle. Housing insecurity is certainly not a new addition to America, but for the first time, we have week by week data on how it has impacted households across America.

Starting in April, the U.S. Census Bureau began a new project, the Household Pulse Survey, with the goal of determining the social and economic impacts…


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